28/12/2018 15:41

Balázs Bárány: New Opposition Born!

If need be, we shall occupy the assembly hall, if need be, we shall go out to the street, if need be, we shall enter the national public TV headquarters even they don’t want us to, if need be, we shall march with you in the 100th row or the front line, said member of the MSZP board Balázs Bárány, in front of Sándor Palace, after President János Ader signed the "slave law" and the law on the establishment of administrative courts.
“A new opposition has been born! And this dirty, treacherous government better get used to the fact that the opposition politics will look like this from now on,” the politician said.
Fight for your rights, fight for your dignity and don't forget, we shall continue in January,” Balázs Bárány concluded his speech.