07/02/2019 16:04

Banks Gain Political Influence over Government

According to the assessment of MSZP, due to the pact with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), banks have gained political influence over the Hungarian government, so only decisions that are unfavorable to foreign currency debtors can be expected.
At a press conference in Budapest on Wednesday, deputy chair of the opposition party László Szakács confirmed: they continue to press for the cancellation of the agreement between the Hungarian government and the EBRD made in 2015.
He added that they would give the Fidesz an opportunity to do so, as they would submit a proposal to terminate the pact to Parliament. By supporting that, the government can prove that Hungary has a sovereign prime minister who governs the country for the sake of Hungarians and does not sell out foreign currency debtors to the banks, he said.
According to the socialist politician, the agreement with the EBRD states that the government cannot stand in the way of evictions and must not make decisions that adversely affect the profitability of banks.
Therefore, only decisions that are unfavorable to foreign currency debtors can be made, as “Orbán adheres to this pact with servility,” he said.
 Leader of the Debtor Movement (Hiteles Mozglom) József Szabó asked whether former foreign currency debtors could trust the banking system or the Hungarian National Bank. He recently said that the central bank had recently begun negotiations with the Hungarian Banking Association to transform the 300,000 loan agreements into debts to be paid in fixed interest rates.
He added that in recent years, all decisions were made without any consultations with the victims. Once again this seems to be the case, which is unacceptable.