25/07/2019 09:42

Beginning of the End: Return of Unqualified Teachers?

Since 2010, the Orbán-government has taken every possible measure to deprive our children of access to modern, quality education. Not even the growing shortage of educators every year has led responsible leaders to realize that with the lack of the expected material and moral recognition this process already threatens the very existence of education. And that is not all!
Due to the shrinking pool of competent institution heads and the lack of professional teachers qualified for leadership, Minister Kásler and State Secretary Bódis are now seeking to minimize the conditions that have been the basic requirements for headmaster selection for decades: they reduce the years of professional experience required and leadership training will no longer be a prerequisite, either. With this, they do not only recognize the enormous lack of human resources in education, but also permanently destroy the remaining professional credibility of schools and the basic personal conditions for quality education.
That is where we are now. Really only one step away from allowing the mayor's unqualified relative with only a high school diploma to become the headmaster of a school.
When in fact there would be a solution: retired teachers should finally be employed under appropriate conditions in a non-discriminatory manner and their salary basis should be linked to the all-time minimum wage.
MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party
Further information: Ágnes Kunhalmi, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Culture of the National Assembly