08/04/2019 14:53

Bertalan Tóth: "We Are Fighting for a European Basic Income and European Values"

Bertalan Tóth: "We Are Fighting for a European Basic Income and European Values"
Members of the MSZP-Dialogue joint list will fight for a minimum wage of EUR 750, a minimum pension of EUR 300 and a family allowance of EUR 150. The goal is to collaborate with European states and institutions, highlighted Bertalan Tóth at the opening of the MSZP EP election campaign.
"Fidesz is no longer able to represent the interests of Hungary and Hungarian people in the European Parliament, this has become clear from the Prime Minister's Europe- program on Friday, so the task now belongs to our representatives to do this in the Social Democratic, Socialist and Green factions, ”said Bertalan Tóth. MSZP’s president held a press conference for the EP campaign launcher on Saturday with the ten candidates of the single opposition alliance, the MSZP-Dialogue list.
The "Homeland. Love. Europe!" EP election program is about not wanting to be enemies of the European Union, but wanting to live in peace, love and cooperation with the peoples of Europe. They will represent cooperation and integration in the institutions of the European Union, said the party president. He emphasized that the package of proposals for a social Europe includes a basic income of EUR 750, a pension of EUR 300 and a family allowance of EUR 150.
Bertalan Tóth stressed that they do not believe in the nation-state programs of the populist, right-wing, extremist parties, which are about the dismantling of common democratic European values as well as checks and balances, and will not assist in maintaining the Fidesz’ state-organized corruption system. They will fight for a European community based on solidarity in which every Hungarian citizen can live increasingly better.
Dialogue MEP Benedek Jávor said that from the Prime Minister they had learned that the Hungarian government had no idea what tasks should be resolved in Europe in the coming years. Viktor Orbán did not say a word about continuing European integration. Strengthening the European social model is an important task, while the challenges of the global environmental crisis and environmental pollution must be faced, too. “Hungary will be much more affected by the effects of climate change and air pollution is already a leading cause of deaths. The government should have answers to these problems,” he said. Jávor also argued that instead of providing healthy drinking water, Lőrinc Mészáros and István Garancsi benefit from EU funds that could be used for this purpose.
The only common EP electoral list’s message will be displayed on 300 giant billboards and 200 citylights in the country. MSZP-Dialogue activists will set up signature collection spots at public locations on Monday to collect recommendations, but will also continue to collect “Let’s Stay in Europe!" signatures with full force, said the president of the Socialists.