16/07/2020 15:16

Darkest Day of Our EU Membership

Darkest Day of Our EU Membership
Fidesz-KDNP declared in a parliamentary resolution today that neither values nor morals matter to them.

They want to blackmail a community in a lowdown manner, by braking its written and unwritten rules. This is no cunning rebelliousness, nor some “sly Hungarian derring-do,” it’s a simple mafia technique. Of a rather primitive kind.

The ruling parties today made it clear in a parliamentary resolution that they want to further steal EU money, further weaken democracy and continue to see the European Union as an ATM.

At the same time, they risk the rapid recovery of the entire community, but also the funds Hungary gets directly. They made it clear that their own power and personal gain comes first for them, not Hungary.

Brussels, 14/07/2020