08/04/2019 18:35

Dialogue Congress Approves Agreement with MSZP

Dialogue Congress Approves Agreement with MSZP
The Congress of Dialogue unanimously approved the agreement previously concluded with MSZP, on the basis of which Benedek Jávor ranks fourth on the joint EP list.
At the press conference held after the Budapest event on Sunday, Benedek Jávor described their campaign as "plowing the country"; they will be there everywhere and convince people that the fate of Hungary also depends on the scale of support the opposition will get.
The MEP explained that Fidesz had abandoned Hungary's advocacy in Europe, seeking conflicts and not being able to effectively represent Hungary's interests in European forums.
Benedek Jávor drew attention to the fact that they had launched their campaign over the weekend, and would officially start collecting signatures from Monday onwards.
In response to a question, he said that further Dialogue politicians would be added to the joint list. He did not disclose specific places, but pointed out that it had a symbolic value, because realistically, the first five candidates would have a chance to obtain a mandate.
The press conference was also attended by the president of MSZP, who welcomed the decision of the congress of Dialogue. Bertalan Tóth said that the party alliance could create the basis for a new left-wing alliance, and at the same time drew attention to the fact that MSZP's presidency decided on Sunday to cooperate in the local government elections, too.
In answer to a question, Bertalan Tóth said that opposition parties in many settlements are negotiating on running at local government elections, and that MSZP and Dialogue act as a party alliance in these negotiations.
Responding to another suggestion, he said that the name of Blanka Nagy, known from her activities at  opposition protests, was also raised as an EP candidate, but was eventually not included in the joint list. At the same time, he denied that MEP Tibor Szanyi threatened with resignation if the student girl was to be on the list.
Budapest Mayor candidate Gergely Karácsony also took part in the event, who was interviewed regarding the joint press release by LMP, Jobbik and the Walking Budapest team on Saturday, criticizing that MSZP, Dialogue, DK and Momentum had already announced their planned mayoral candidates.
Gergely Karácsony said that the four parties made a generous offer to LMP, but LMP's Budapest president said that they wanted to conclude negotiations after the EP elections. The Co-Chair of Dialogue emphasized that they upheld the possibility of cooperation for the future as well. However, he stated that they insisted that parties that are able to agree on running at the local government elections before the EP elections already put their own candidates in position and start the work.
"This is quite accurate information," Karácsony responded to press information that three mayoral candidates were offered to LMP. He also said that they were discussing whether to involve Jobbik in the cooperation in Budapest. He said surveys show that such a move would not increase opposition chances in the capital, so they decided to only include LMP in the talks, he said. Referring to this, Bertalan Tóth said he was not afraid that the decision could affect rural cooperation. He said he entrusted MSZP's local organizations with finding the optimal collaborative solutions.