10/06/2020 18:15

Events of Recent Weeks Highlight Leadership Failures, Resource and Staff Shortages in Health Sector

Events of Recent Weeks Highlight Leadership Failures, Resource and Staff Shortages in Health Sector
Avoidable human tragedies have occurred as a result of ill-considered government decisions.

Fidesz's propaganda machine did everything it could to cover up the reality caused by the epidemic and sweep the problems under the carpet, Member of Parliament Lajos Korózs said at an online press conference.

We quote Korózs below:

Based on all this, I am making the following statement:

May aim and that of MSZP is to ensure that everyone in Hungary, regardless of  social or financial situation, get access to high-quality general medical care, screening, diagnostics, information and prevention, specialist care and hospital services.

We have a duty to achieve this in order to protect people, and we have a duty to draw attention to erroneous government decisions, even through individual cases if need be.

MSZP and I consider the temporary suspension of primary healthcare as such an erroneous decision, and the ministerial order for the emptying of hospital beds was a similarly bad decision, too.

  • It is a fact that Minister of Human Capacities Miklós Kásler had ordered the emptying of hospital beds.
  • It is a fact that masses of people were sent home from hospitals without providing their relatives with the necessary preparation time.
  • It is a fact that human lives have been put at risk due to the freeing of hospital beds and the lack of provision of professional care.
  • It is a fact that hospital directors that did not follow the ministerial order point by point were fired.
  • It is a fact that the required scale of freeing of hospital beds was not necessary to tackle the coronavirus epidemic.
  • It is a fact that neither ambulance workers nor healthcare workers have any responsibility for the implementation of the emptying of hospital beds, this was never claimed by MSZP.
  • It is a fact there have been numerous reports in the press over the past month and a half about some specific cases of patients sent home.
  • It is a fact that MSZP also received a number of inquiries and complaints about human tragedies.
  • It is a  fact that in the video uploaded on 7 June, 2020, MSZP presented a specific case where a family member of a deceased patient gave their name and face  to what was said and that we acted with the utmost care when making the video. (death certificate)
  • It is a fact that, that she claimed it was the lady treating her mother before her death, who has made several statements in the Hungarian press since the end of April 2020, and no one had questioned her credibility.
  • It is a fact that MSZP acted in good faith during the making of the video; we decided to remove it due to the deceptive nature of the editing images used as illustrations.
  • It is also a fact that no negative statement was made in the video in connection with the staff of the National Ambulance Service or any ambulance worker.
  • If the woman providing home care is not really who she claimed to be and thereby misled the public, she caused harm to Hungarian public life and MSZP, in which case she is to take responsibility.
  • I would like to emphasize once again: in the video we wanted to draw attention to the erroneous decision of Miklós Kásler and its consequences.

Based on all this, if the illustrations used for the video were misleading and we offended the staff of OMSZ against our will, we apologize. But it is Miklós Kásler who has to apologize to people waiting for treatment and recovery and to their family members.