05/12/2018 09:18

Fidesz Also Votes for Ujhelyi's Visa Package

The European Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism adopted a report on the reform of the Community Code on Visas by a large majority. The commission's expert opinion, which is not the same as the LIBE proposal on the issue of refugee visas, is attributed to Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi. In the final vote, except for extreme groups, all factions, including the Fidesz MEPs, supported the document.

Following the vote, the Socialist politician said that the new regulation of the Schengen visa would seek to ease the conditions for those who want to come to Europe legally for tourism, study, employment or entrepreneurial purposes. The European Parliament would thus facilitate the issuance of short-term visas in the field of sport and culture, while proposing to introduce an electronic visa application system by 2025. Ujhelyi emphasized that, for the first time, the most important aspects of tourism were included in the opinion; it is a remarkable result that these were quoted in the LIBE committee’s report, too.


"It is a breakthrough professional success that the relevant committees have come to understand: we can ease the issuance of short-term Schengen visas even while taking into account strict security aspects, which greatly improves the European community's possibilities. Tourism plays a prominent role in European economy, strengthening and empowering the industry should therefore be a priority. At the same time, it is important that we managed to incorporate security safeguards into the report, which prevent the facilitated visa from being used for illegal entry," said István Ujhelyi.


The Visa Code reform is due to be presented to the Strasbourg Plenary Session in January, but the current majority support already foretells the European Parliament's decision.