09/11/2020 18:55

Fidesz Says No to Increasing Support for Families and Retirees

Fidesz Says No to Increasing Support for Families and Retirees
Fidesz MPs do not seem to care about the Prime Minister's announcement of the restrictions, neither does it matter to them that the epidemic is raging in Hungary, as they obstruct the work of Parliament’s Public Welfare Committee without much concern despite all of the above facts.

With this shameful move, they only did harm again, as they said no to providing free testing and increased support for retirees and families.

MSZP and Dialogue would have put an end to the outrageous Fidesz practice of burdening people with the cost of testing. In the current situation, it is unacceptable that screening is only available to a limited number of people free of charge; therefore our proposal would have provided free testing to all Hungarian citizens.

However, according to Fidesz, people are not entitled to this or to higher family allowance or pensions. The governing parties did not even want to consider the immediate doubling of the family allowance, child support or the maternity allowance. They were also not interested in the introduction of the Swiss indexation pension calculation, the retrospective pension increase determined on the basis thereof or the extraordinary benefit of at least HUF 30,000 to be provided to pensioners most in need.

By imposing restrictions, retirees and families will find themselves in an increasingly difficult position, so there will be an even greater need for them to receive help from the state. Today, however, Fidesz has sent them a clear message not to expect that.

According to MSZP, in the current situation, many people's livelihoods are in danger, so immediate and meaningful assistance is needed.



MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party