12/09/2020 14:01

Government Must Order for Mass Free Testing Without Further Delay!

Government Must Order for Mass Free Testing Without Further Delay!
Based on the experience of the Democratic Union of Teachers, today there are no virus-safe working conditions in Hungarian schools. Unfortunately, this is not surprising, as the importance of testing in the fight against the epidemic is denied at the governmental level. Therefore, teachers and students in a particular school may not be tested even after the appearance of the virus has been confirmed in the institution.

This irresponsibility of Fidesz is incomprehensible, as the figures show that there is a bigger problem than in the spring. The coronavirus epidemic intensified in Hungary, the number of new infections per day started to increase, and an extraordinary break had to be ordered in several schools. Despite all this, the government is still silent and delaying the necessary measures.

According to experts, as much testing as possible is needed to slow down the epidemic, so MSZP also recommends that the government start regular mass testing, especially of people at high risk of infection, that is, health workers, teachers and the employees of the social sector.
Furthermore, since the state has developed a protocol to avoid two weeks of quarantine with two negative virus tests, we recommend that these tests be free because Hungarian families cannot afford the price of the two tests as they cannot afford the burden of two weeks out of work.

For MSZP, the life, health and safety of Hungarian people are the most important, which is why we believe that the introduction of these measures cannot be delayed further.

MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party

More information: Lajos Korózs, Chairman of the Welfare Committee