17/07/2019 00:16

Honoring the Day of Courts

On 15 July, the Day of Courts, we thank judges and judiciary employees for their service for the entire year. At the same time, however, we also remember today the declaration of judicial independence, which is subordinate exclusively to the law.
It is regrettable that the way things are going judicial independence can soon only be remembered since Fidesz has been fighting against it since the beginning of its governing. One of the first steps of the Orbán-government was indeed to deprive the Constitutional Court of its previous powers and fill the board with Fidesz party cadres. This was done in order to prevent anyone from limiting their mindless lawmaking and constitution-creation.
Then, they continued the eradication of independence on the lower levels, too. Unlawfully, a large number of judges were forced to retire, and in order to keep those who had not been set aside on a tight leash, the National Judicial Office was established, headed by the wife of József Szájer, who can hardly be accused of impunity.
However, they will not stop here, now they want to downright establish a Fidesz home court, where there will only be judges that are committed to Fidesz and not to the law, that will not serve justice, but only perform services to the government parties.
These administrative courts will have one duty only: to defend the interests of Fidesz  against citizens, civil organizations and opposition politicians, Hungarian society, that is.
Given the circumstances, the right behavior is to bow our heads before the courageous women and men who, as judges, remain faithful to their country, their profession, the law, and continue to struggle to preserve their independence.
MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party