10/05/2020 18:06

Honouring Ambulance Day

Honouring Ambulance Day
On National Ambulance Day, we honour our compatriots who rescue 1.2 million people each year.
Thank you for being ready to help our compatriots in need all year round and special thanks for your service for the safety of all of us!
At the same time, this greeting is also an alert. It is necessary to draw attention to the conditions the Orbán government has created for ambulance workers and paramedics. Due to the humiliatingly low wages, the difficult working conditions and the dilapidated infrastructure, this profession attracts fewer and fewer people.
Despite the challenging circumstances, there are still those who undertake the service without sparing their physical integrity, and undertake to withstand the psychological shocks to protect and save the lives of Hungarians, for which we are grateful and forever in their debt. Their responsibility and commitment is an example for everyone to follow.
Paramedics deservedly earned the respect of society, which is why it would be time for the government to finally express its financial and moral appreciation. We need to make this profession attractive again, improve working conditions and provide a career model for staff members that ensures a decent livelihood for them.
We wish all paramedics strength and good health for their service in the future!
MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party
More information: Lajos Korózs, Chairman of Parliament’s Welfare Committee