28/01/2020 19:06

Honouring International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Honouring International Holocaust Remembrance Day
27 January, 1945 was the day of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Today, we commemorate the millions of people who fell victim to the politics of hate 75 years ago.
More than seventy years after the terrible tragedy, we can best honour the memory of the victims by doing our utmost to prevent the spread of extremist views. We must not allow politics to once again take the disgraceful path that led to the evil acts of the past. We must stand up against those who hope to gain temporary political powers from the division of nations, double talk, sly and false references, and enemy fabrication.
The death camps that once operated in the centre of Europe are painful mementos of where this road leads. Therefore, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, whilst bowing our heads before the memory of the victims, we must remind ourselves of our shared responsibility not to allow the darkest period in history to be repeated again.
With deep sorrow and grief, we commemorate the six million victims of the unspeakable genocide.  MSZP remembers together with the survivors, the relatives of the murdered, and shares their pain that lasts to this day.
MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party