15/06/2020 19:16

HUF 500,000 Bonus for Social Workers, Too!

HUF 500,000 Bonus for Social Workers, Too!
For months, MSZP has been demanding that doctors, nurses and social workers who have worked in the frontline during the emergency situation receive a salary supplement, and that a one-time benefit of HUF 500,000 be received by both healthcare and social workers.

Fidesz, however, wants to save on the payment of the one-time benefit and arbitrarily chooses who can and cannot receive it, while raising the salaries of state secretaries by 35% without a second thought.
The government cannot continue to treat healthcare and social workers as stepchildren! It is not fair for Fidesz to make a distinction by occupation among those working in the frontline in an emergency, while they have all done their best in doing their job to protect people.
After their recent service, these people deserve more from the government than applause, game meat and apples!
MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party