23/08/2019 19:20

Hungarian State Administration on Verge of Collapse

Hungarian State Administration on Verge of Collapse
"Hungarian state administration is on the verge of collapse," said socialist politician Lajos Korózs, on ATV's program Straightforward Talk on Wednesday.
"A horrific number of people have left the public sphere, and they have fired a great many people as well," sanctions have been imposed, such as taking away the lunchtime from government office workers and reducing their leave.
Many doctors and nurses at Honvéd Hospital quit because they were put on administrative leave: they did not undertake to carry out orders and be transferred anywhere as if they were soldiers.
There is big trouble from the pension payment directorate to the authorities, from the so-called government windows through the government offices, and in the countryside the situation is much worse than in Budapest: only 2-3 of the 10 government windows function properly, Korózs said.
"Only those who are terribly committed or just about to retire retired remained in the public administration, this is what we see everywhere," he added.