03/10/2019 13:21

Hungarian Wages Still Lagging Behind in EU

Hungarian Wages Still Lagging Behind in EU
From time to time, the CSO releases victory reports on the rise in domestic wages, yet Hungarian salaries continue to lag behind in Europe. Wages are increasing in the neighbouring countries, but in Hungary, prosperity is only growing at the level of words. Two-thirds of employees only hear about growth in the news, without a trace of it on their bank accounts. The consequence is a significant shortage of professionals, as hundreds of thousands of people have left Hungary in search of higher salaries and a better life in neighbouring countries.  
Railway workers, police officers, fire fighters, educators, health, social and office workers, private
sector workers all demand decent wages and normal working conditions, but the government is
silent, sneaky, quibbling and lying.
MSZP therefore agrees with the trade unions' demands for wage increases and continues to support
the legitimate demands of Hungarian workers, their collective trade union and wage struggles.
On 13 October, 2019, we can also voice our opinion on this matter and send a message to the
system of Fidesz: from the free cities we will rebuild a free Hungary that respects working people.
MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party
Further information: Imre Komjáthi, Vice President of MSZP