17/07/2020 11:21

Hungary Must Join European Public Prosecutor's Office!

Hungary Must Join European Public Prosecutor's Office!
MSZP proposes that Hungary join the European Public Prosecutor's Office!

Our country must not receive substantially less cohesion and agricultural support than before!

We need more money for healthcare and social affairs!

Should the government not comply with the norms of the rule of law, funding should be withdrawn from the government, not the Hungarians, and these subsidies must be given directly to Hungarian businesses, Hungarian local governments and civil organisations!

Fidesz fears European control over the use of public funds and the European Public Prosecutor's Office like the devil fears the fumes of incense.

They only want EU money if they can decide who and what to spend it on; typically, they’ll spend it themselves and in many cases on themselves, possibly their families, oligarchs and fellow party members.

Fidesz's last, European Parliamentary election program for 2009 states that "the European Union must be endowed with powers that enable it to uphold the rule of law in all Member States.” In comparison, Fidesz's current proposal for a resolution contains the exact opposite.

Fidesz wants to avoid the rule of law test and limit the room for manoeuvre of non-governmental organisations! By this they do not serve the interest of the nation, therefore it is unacceptable!

Fidesz is trying to blackmail the European Union while betraying its own commitments. It is incomprehensible why they are so afraid of the monitoring of the rule of law criteria.

MSZP says yes to the rule of law and no to corruption on a gigantic scale!

Clean and transparent use of domestic and European Union resources is needed! Hungary must join the European Public Prosecutor's Office!