14/08/2019 13:48

International Youth Day 12 August, 2019

International Youth Day  12 August, 2019
Our youngsters would rather live anywhere in the world than in Hungary. We nned to change this, too.
We Believe in Providing Young People with Conditions for a Better Life in Their Home Country
We would all like young people to have a safe present and a predictable future. All leaders should work for this, but in Hungary we can see that the Orbán-government makes life more difficult for youngsters every year.
One of the goals of today's International Day is to put more emphasis on youth issues.
Not only young people who are about to start their career leave Hungary, but many are fleeing abroad from the Hungarian education system, too. Starting a family for young people is made difficult by low wages and incredibly expensive housing costs that result in fewer children being born in our country every year.
These are problems that need to be addressed not only today, while Fidesz fails to even acknowledge the existence of difficulties young people have to face.
However, we continue to believe that young people must be provided with the conditions that will enable them to have a better life in their home country.