12/08/2020 23:55

International Youth Day: We Must Support Young People for They Are Hungary’s Future

International Youth Day: We Must Support Young People for They Are Hungary’s Future
In December 1999, the UN General Assembly declared 12 August International Youth Day. However, many young people still have no reason to wholeheartedly celebrate this day, as many of them in Hungary, too, have constantly decreasing opportunities for higher education and have to face the problem of unemployment or housing.

Over the past 10 years, due to Fidesz’s policies, young people have had to thrive in very difficult circumstances, both in schools and at work. This is why many chose to emigrate in the hope of a better life.

According to MSZP, young people must be supported in every possible way, as the future of Hungary depends on them. As opposed to dwelling on the past, competitive, modern, 21st century knowledge needs to be made available to all in order for the youth to become a shaper of future changes. Instead of today’s apprenticeship training, vocational training needs to be rebuilt so that highly qualified professionals leave the institutions after graduation. There is a need to significantly increase the number of students entering higher education and, to this end, university and college education must be made freely accessible to all.

With property prices and rents skyrocketing, fewer and fewer are able to buy a home for themselves. Therefore, they should be provided with affordable rental housing, which also makes it easier to start a family.

The kind of world we leave to future generations is our common responsibility. This responsibility is being forgotten by many politicians in power around the world. While we are facing the consequences of climate change and environmental pollution every day, Hungary currently has leaders that do not really deal with solving these problems. Now, in the present, we must act to leave a sustainable and liveable world for our children.

According to MSZP, young people are the key to the development of our country, therefore we must support them in the interest of our common future, for Hungary.

MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party

More information: Ágnes Kunhalmi, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Culture