02/06/2019 09:40

István Ujhelyi Gets EP Mandate for MSZP-Dialogue

István Ujhelyi Gets EP Mandate for MSZP-Dialogue
István Ujhelyi is the one to get the only European Parliament (EP) mandate of the MSZP-Dialogue joint list, said the leader of the MSZP caucus in Budapest on Saturday.
Ágnes Kunhalmi announced at a press conference that the Board decided by a two-third majority to adhere to the order of the EP list, according to which MEP István Ujhelyi gets to represent the party in in Brussels in the next five years.
The joint list’s top candidate was Bertalan Tóth, but he had previously indicated that he would not accept his mandate; campaign chief István Ujhelyi was second on the list.
She said the caucus meeting that was still in session during the press conference assessed the outcome of the EP election and welcomed the fact that Fidesz had not succeeded in achieving the goal of having two-thirds.
Ágnes Kunhalmi said, the board also welcomed the fact that the nationalist, far-right turn, which Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had expected, had not happened; in fact, the democrats, the liberals and the Greens got stronger.
The caucus leader emphasized that MSZP would continue to be the opponent of the so-called national cooperation system and saw opposition cooperation as the only way to successfully fight NCS local representatives in the next municipal elections in the autumn.
According to Ágnes Kunhalmi, MSZP is united, determined, everyone is aware of the weight of the election results and the future political responsibility of MSZP. It is clear to MSZP that the Hungarian left and social democracy must lay new foundations both in terms of organizational and political content, she said.
President of MSZP Bertalan Tóth announced that at his request, Ildikó Bangoné Borbély resigned from her post as deputy head of parliamentary faction, and the party's communication director, Balázs Láng, would also leave as mutually agreed.
The joint list of MSZP and Dialogue was evaluated as having failed in the EP election; left-wing voters did not support this list. He added that MSZP would still continue the journey, the building of firm left-wing politics and will fight for voters who have chosen another party in the "opposition’s private beauty contest."
One cannot credibly represent leftist politics that wins the private beauty contest with a left-wing program and then makes an offer to the liberals in the EP, he said.
The party president said, despite the election failure, they shall continue to build the alliance with Dialogue, fighting together for the success of the opposition at the municipal elections.
In last Sunday's EP election, contrary to expectations, the joint list of MSZP-Dialogue got only 6.61 percent of the votes, which amounts to a single EP mandate.