08/11/2019 15:30

István Ujhelyi Promoted in European Parliament

István Ujhelyi Promoted in European Parliament
At today's meeting, István Ujhelyi was elected 1st vice-president of the EP's Committee on Transport and Tourism, thus promoting the Hungarian MEP from his 3rd vice-presidential position.
The appointment of the Hungarian Socialist Party’s politician was unanimously supported by all EP groups, including the Liberals, the Greens and the right-wing European People's Party. The redeployment of the leadership of the TRAN committee was necessary as the former 1st vice-president had resigned in order to become the coordinator of the S&D Group in the future. Posts were therefore reopened and members of the board supported the promotion of István Ujhelyi without a single vote against.
For the first time, the European Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism will have a Hungarian as its 1st vice-president; this has never happened before. The MSZP MEP has been the vice-president of TRAN for the past five years: while in the previous term he was the 4th vice-president, initially he became the 3rd in this term.
Following the decision of the committee, Ujhelyi said that he was honoured by the fact that all groups had jointly supported his promotion; clearly they recognised his work in the panel so far. The MEP underlined that he would continue to focus on tourism in the committee.
Regarding the key priorities for the next period, he said that addressing the negative social and regional problems of mass tourism, as well as promoting sustainable and eco-friendly tourism, was an urgent task, but he also identified the expansion and development of the free InterRail pass program he mentors as a key objective.
“Tourism is the third strongest sector of the European economy, generating more than ten percent of the EU's GDP and providing nearly 26 million jobs in Europe. Both tourism and transport are areas of key importance for the future and development of Hungary,” said István Ujhelyi after the session of the TRAN Committee, adding that he would also continue his work in the committee for the creation of safe, clean and automated transport. 
The MSZP MEP also said he urged President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen to make a decision as soon as possible on the person of the transport portfolio’s commissioner, as "after long-winded political battles" professional work should begin as soon as possible. 
Brussels - 06/11/2019