05/01/2020 17:19

István Ujhelyi Receives Important Professional Recognition Again

István Ujhelyi Receives Important Professional Recognition Again
The MSZP MEP received a new, important political recognition: István Ujhelyi was elected Vice-President of the European Parliament’s association dedicated to the railway transport sector.
Rail Forum Europe (RFE) was created in 2011 and is made up of Members of the European Parliament and representatives of European railway umbrella organizations.
The purpose of the RFE is to facilitate the building of professional and personal relationships between European decision-makers and key players in the sector. Ujhelyi had been a member of this trade association in the previous parliamentary term as well, and merited the position of Vice-President after his success as mentor for the successful implementation of the free Interrail pass program, Discover EU.
István Ujhelyi, who is also the first Vice-President of the European Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism, called his election as Vice-President an honor and an exceptional opportunity, stressing that the development of the rail sector has and should play a major role in achieving sustainability goals.
“Climate change and environmental challenges pose major tasks to all sectors, including the transport industry. As a European tourism policy maker, I consider it an important and necessary step to establish co-operation between all sectors that can provide quick and lasting responses to the environmental challenges we face,” said István Ujhelyi.
Brussels - 03/01/2020