26/05/2019 07:23

Jávor's Approach Much Needed in EP

Thanks to Benedek Jávor's membership in the green faction, the Hungarian interest can simultaneously appear in the MEP groups of socialists and environmentalists, said István Ujhelyi. Among the results of the work of Jávor, Bernadett Szél emphasized that the Dialogue politician has eliminated the secrets around the expansion of Paks and facilitates the flow of information between Budapest and Brussels.
It is important to have as many energetic opposition members in the European Parliament as possible who actively work. For example, if all 21 Hungarian MEPs had been of the opposition, then decisions like the Sargentini-report would have passed through the vote much more “vehemently,” "said Bernadett Szél, who was a guest of István Ujhelyi on the interactive live show “Sixty Minutes” on Facebook, moderated by János Fiala. The independent MP added that Hungary is currently sitting on the bench of shame in the European Union.
With regards to the work done by Hungarian MEPs, Ujhelyi mentioned that he had been asked many times why Benedek Jávor was not in the MSZP faction. The reason, explained the MSZP MEP, is that Jávor is a recognized member of the Green Group, their most successful representative. This is useful because thanks to the MSZP-Dialogue alliance, the Hungarian interest can appear simultaneously in the socialist-social-democratic and green factions. That's why it is important that as many people go to the Sunday election as possible so that we do not get to see 12-14 Fidesz MEPs sit in the faction of the opposition of Europe, holding up Hungary as a shield.
Bernadett Szél recalled the point of the European Parliamentary work of Jávor when she was unable to find out more about the Paks 2 contracts, and the EP MEP helped her from Brussels: essentially, he put an end to the secrecy around the investment. Their joint initiative with Ákos Hadházy to join the European Public Prosecutor's Office also needs smooth information flow between Budapest and Brussels: jávor could be of great help in this, too. In her view, times are coming when there will be a clear need for the Dialogue MEP's approach.
Ujhelyi also shared some highlights of MSZP’s EP campaign, such as two experiences gained at the Mór public forum. One of the founders of the local Jobbik and the Hungarian Guard talked to him about the need to put aside ideological conflicts and concentrate only on defeating Fidesz. "Most of society is no longer thinking about what separates opposition parties; everyone wants a single opposition candidate to challenge the pro-government candidate at the municipal elections in the autumn," said István Ujhelyi.