26/05/2019 07:14

Kati Piri: The victory of the Dutch Socialists is a strong message for Orbán!

“What we hoped for and felt actually happened!” commented on the victory of the Dutch socialists in the local EP elections Kati Piri, the party's representative of Hungarian descent.
The politician held an extraordinary live press conference on the results in the Netherlands on the community site of MSZP campaign chief István Ujhelyi. Kati Piri said that the Dutch party, led by the European Socialist top candidate Frans Timmermans, achieved outstanding results in the EP election, doubling the result that social democrats had registered in a regional election just a month and a half before. The Dutch MEP added that, based on the current outcome, social democrats have become the strongest political force in the Netherlands, which was definitely unexpected. Kati Piri stressed that it was also remarkable that, in addition to the strengthening of the left-wing party, the far-right Wilders party seeking Fidesz's friendship was severely defeated.
“The Dutch result must also give the MSZP strength. Not only because we are sister parties, but also because we offer the same program, the vision of a Social Europe. We want a Europe that puts people at the forefront,” said Kati Piri in a social media statement. The Dutch MEP added that the victory of Frans Timmermans and the Dutch Socialists was a strong message for Viktor Orbán. “The fear mongering, right-wing policy is not the winning one in Europe. The change may also begin in Hungary, ”said the politician of Hungarian descent. At the same time, Kati Piri encouraged all opposition voters to attend Sunday's voting, asking for their votes to be casted on the MSZP-Dialogue allaince. "Go MSZP! Hungary also needs a strong socialist party so that we can fight together for the social Europe program, ”said the Dutch politician, on the community site of István Ujhelyi.