07/04/2022 23:02

Komjáthi: As War Rhetoric Wanes, People Will Again Worry About Making a Living

Komjáthi: As War Rhetoric Wanes, People Will Again Worry About Making a Living
Hundreds of thousands of former oppositionists have now turned towards their tyrant, campaigning on false promises of protection: a sign of great vulnerability.

in the last two weeks, people intimidated by war should have been shown more professionals to protect them as this turned out to be the deciding factor when it came to the question of what victory depended on, said MSZP deputy chairman Imre Komjáthi on Wednesday on ATV's morning show 'Start.'

He added that the election also depended on the ability to govern, as it "means exactly to what degree someone can guarantee security of livelihood and security in general, and to what extent they are trusted."

The socialist politician stressed that not only the opposition candidate for prime minister should have been featured, but also the future members of the government, since, as he said, the positive programme of the Change of Era had been backed by a lot of highly knowledgeable and experienced people.

He recalled, for example, that as soon as it was announced that he would be in charge of labour in the new cabinet, enthusiastic and expert support came from many directions. "People who used to be in government under Péter Kiss came and said, we know what government is about, we will help you. Because they believed that if we were to govern, I would still represent the realm of labour as would my party. So we're going to continue on that path," he announced.

The MSZP deputy chairman underlined that he did not like to hear the term "brainwashed Fidesz people" and asked opposition members commenting on social media platforms not to insult the poor people who voted for Fidesz out of existential fear.

Assessing the election, he said that the left was there, it was not up to them, it was rather the Jobbik voters who were absent from voting for the opposition. "Jobbik didn't bring in the countryside, (...) because the moment they stopped the anti-gypsy narrative, the people who were so extreme went to vote for Our Homeland or Fidesz. And at the moment when the DK-Jobbik alliance was born, the others left, too and there were no activists from them supporting us, except for the few who fought hard with us, with MSZP and DK," Imre Komjáthi stressed.