23/03/2020 21:37

Korózs: No such thing as opposition or pro-government coronavirus!

Korózs: No such thing as opposition or pro-government coronavirus!
The opposition, as a responsible opposition, has already made a number of proposals for the effective domestic treatment of the coronavirus pandemic, but the government has not even given any feedback on them.
But "there is no opposition or pro-government coronavirus," said the socialist Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Welfare Lajos Korózs on Monday.
"We are aware of the gravity of this situation," Korózs said in a phone interview together with Liberal MP Anett Bősz, on ATV’s morning talk show, entitled ‘Start.’
That is why the Socialists have proposed a one-off immediate benefit for health and social workers, which could be solved from HUF 40 billion.
Social workers are "the most underpaid, they carry the whole of society on their backs alongside health workers in this time of crisis, and they lack personal equipment," Korózs said.
Socialist proposals include the provision of protective equipment, which, according to Korózs' personal experience and contrary to government information, the country lacks.
"We get the same feedback from doctors and health workers everywhere, and even from those in the social sphere, namely, that no one has personal equipment," Korózs said.
"I trust the government as long as the government provides credible information and makes rational decisions when it publishes the information we want to know, such as the territorial, gender and age breakdown of those infected in Hungary" he added.
MSZP’s  proposals also cover the tasks to be done in homeless care, social catering, numerous areas of primary care, village and farm janitor services and home care.
Korózs highlighted the importance of staying at home, especially for the elderly.
Mathematical data suggest, he said, the virus would be "most likely" contracted without this. He added that a ban on leaving the house was "on the cards."