11/06/2019 20:31

László Trócsányi Will Not be Member of European Commission!

László Trócsányi Will Not be Member of European Commission!
In spite of the confident statements, in spite of the overly proud celebration and the dazed tongue lashes of the court’s suck-up analysts, Viktor Orbán miscalculated things, this time around.
Undoubtedly a gambler with great routine, but let's face it, this time around, he placed his chips on the wrong spot. The government propaganda may broadcast all day long as the Farmer marches up and down on the red carpets with his hands in his pocket in Brussels, in this western film, he was not given the sheriff’s badge.
The way he recently paraded with the current pop stars of the far right of Europe, or nastily barked the leaders of the people's party, has by now turned out to be a strategic mistake.
In the enlightened half of Europe it was not the EU skeptical far right that got stronger, but in fact the liberal-green line and the Party of European Socialists; Europe's majority politics will continue to go along  shared values ​​and not, as Fidesz hoped, destroying European values. It is terribly awkward as Fidesz MEPs have to explain things in the corridors of Brussels and try to suck up to their old colleagues just to make them forgive the uproars and acts against the common party group.
And it must be a very spine crushing situation, as Balázs Hidvéghi, the newly-elected MEP of Fidesz, for example, is forced to recognize that he will be one of the officials of that very European Union of which, as the party's communications director, he had been lying about in the past years. Morning, noon and evening. However, even a lot more unpleasant things are underway.
For example, Viktor Orban wants to delegate a person to the next European government, the European Commission, who is almost guaranteed to fail at the hearings. László Trócsányi will not be made European Commissioner and not just because I certainly will not vote for a body in which he can be a member, but also because Trócsányi is a living symbol of the illiberal, anti-European nightmare that Orbán has built.
Naturally, the majority of European decision-makers and representatives know this very well. Trócsányi is the man whose law firm represented banks against Hungarian foreign currency debtors in court. Trócsányi is the man whose law firm received millions from Matolcsy's central bank and its foundations stealing public money. Trócsányi is the man who, at all costs, hinders our country from joining the European Public Prosecutor's Office and he is the man who has developed the new system of Fidesz affiliated administrative courts pushed through with a government majority.
The current situation of Fidesz and the chances of Trócsányi are demonstrated perfectly by the fact that the Commissioner-designate has recently said in relation to the system of administrative courts that it was a national matter, and Brussels should not “stick its nose” into what the Hungarian government was doing. After this statement, as a gesture towards the People's Party, the introduction of admin courts has recently been suspended, and Trócsányi has already pathetically accounted for things, claiming that the necessary "calm conditions" were not given.
Dear electors!
Certainly, László Trócsányi will not be made EU Commissioner. If Fidesz has any common sense, then they will pull him out of there and nominate someone else to join the Commission. And do not believe the  government’s cover up stories and communication hocus pocus to come: Trócsányi will not be an EU Commissioner because, due to Fidesz' politics and the crimes committed against the European community, Orbán's people are unacceptable. Period. Any other narrative is a simple lie.
After the Hungarian PM’s landmark speech in Tusványos in 2014, in which he proclaimed his desire to turn Hungary into an illiberal state, I pledged to draw the public’s attention to the transgressions of this regime in an open letter every week. This is the 247th time I ring the bells of alarm, as it still seems necessary. And also because as a radical European Democrat it is my duty to do so.
dr. István Ujhelyi
June 9, 2019