11/09/2019 10:33

Left-wing Local Governments to be Greener, Commission-free and More Compassionate

Left-wing Local Governments to be Greener, Commission-free and More Compassionate
Left-wing municipalities will not stop local development projects, but they will be different from what they are now: they shall be greener, more compassionate and commission-free, said President of MSZP Bertalan Tóth on Friday.
"No investment commissions will have to be paid to Lőrinc Mészáros." Now, "unfortunately, we find that with every investment project, Lőrinc Mészáros, Viktor Orbán's man of straw reaps the profit of overpricing," the party president said after the council of the Left-wing Municipal Assocication, where he met the joint opposition’s mayoral candidate for Budapest Gergely Karácsony, left-wing municipal leaders, municipal representatives and candidates.
Although Fidesz is trying to scare people with future opposition settlements not getting funding, the European Union will allow settlements or their alliances to have direct access to EU funding. This way, the subsidies that comes from the EU can be used in line with European decision-makers’ intentions, said Tóth.
"Left-wing self-governance starts with the fact that self-governance is not the privilege of local representatives but the democratic right of the people living in the settlements," he emphasized.
Therefore, new institutions of social dialogue will be built, involving local people in local governance, and local workers' representations and employees in the development of the economic policy and economic development ideas of the local government.
It is a key task for left-wing municipalities to show solidarity and social care, from elderly care to helping young people, to mitigate the effects of the social divide caused by government.
They should, as far as possible, facilitate free education, free access to knowledge and the development of healthcare services.
"Because, of course, it is very well possible  that the new local representatives or mayor will have to tell the sports club that we will not build a third training hall, but buy a CT instead, as they did in the 13th district,” he said.
Free media must be created: what is important for the settlement is to reach locals and nobody should be afraid to voice their opinion.
And even if scarcely, left-wing municipalities have the opportunity to do things for clean air and climate protection through urban planning and traffic management.
“We want people local public life to be about people. Not about big politics, but about the people who live there. So that the power of the people instead of the people of power" will win in the settlements where the opposition, including the Hungarian Socialist Party, now has the opportunity to win" he said.
He said that MSZP had consistently pursued the strategy according to which the primary purpose of the municipal elections is the replacement of the overlords of Fidesz and the liberation of the settlements, and everything else is secondary. It is also thanks to this that the cooperation of opposition parties in all 23 districts of the capital could happen and also as regards the person of the mayoral candidate. In 21 out of the 23 towns with county rights there are joint candidates; in 89 settlements with more than 10,000 inhabitants there is opposition consensus, and in several settlements with a population under 10,000, they are working together to "make the given settlement free again."
"We will serve local voters living in cities, towns and villages; the people who live there," he said.
Gergely Karácsony said, in fact, the street demanded that opposition parties jointly provide an alternative to people who want change. Not only have they written new policies, but also a more compassionate, greener program, one that will remedy the damage of the governance that municipalities have seen in healthcare, education and social services  in the past 9 years.