08/10/2018 14:58

Let’s join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office!

MSZP supports dr. Ákos Hadházy’s initiative to collect signatures for joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Why is it necessary to join the European Public Prosecutor's Office?

In order to have consequences for corruption and the immoderate theft of EU subsidies.


The Public Prosecutor's Office is the institution that decides whether or not a case is worthy of a police investigation and if it should be taken to court after investigation. The Hungarian Prosecutor’s Office has not commenced investigation in a number of obvious cases of corruption unpleasant for Fidesz, or closed them with made up reasons, or are indeed conducting showcase investigations.


How many countries have joined so far?


Twenty two. Essentially everyone joined of whom this was to be expected, with the exception of Hungary and Poland.


According to the government, this is a question of sovereignty. Is this true?


No. The fact that the country transfers certain powers to the EU is a well-established practice, this is what the Union is all about. In this specific case, it is important to know that Hungarian prosecutors will continue to work on domestic cases but with foreign colleagues on board, so that the Hungarian Attorney General cannot stop investigations disapproved by Hungarian politics.

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