09/10/2018 14:53

Let's eliminate VIP care for members of the cabinet by referendum!

The Fidesz government has spent HUF 160 million so far on the free VIP hospital of its own cabinet members, while Hungarian hospitals are effectively in ruins. Many times in the same building there is no toilet paper on the ground floor or medicines or doctors for that matter, while a few floors above Fidesz government members are treated with special care in VIP single rooms with TV.

This is unfair! Let's put an end to it!

We wanted to abolish VIP health care privileges for state leaders by law, but Fidesz MPs voted against the initiative insisting on maintaining the privileges of their superiors. This is why we shall initiate a referendum! As we have achieved the lifting of the ban on shops being  open on Sunday, we shall achieve this, too!


This is what Fidesz VIPs are entitled to today:

- Single, en-suite room with TV

-There is no waiting list if they need a specialist or medical examination, they get immediate assistance

- Countless screening tests per year

- Full confidentiality

- Wards in the hospital that Hungarian people have no access to

- VIP card

- Dedicated nursing staff

- They can go any time they wish

- A car will be sent for them and they can even get personnel to accompany them to the hospital


They are not privileged! Let's stop the Fidesz's VIP hospital funded by taxpayers’ money!

In 2011, the Orbán-regime re-introduced VIP care for top state executives. At Honvéd Hospital and Semmelweis University clinic, the highest level of care is provided for the privileged. Separated, single, en-suite room, dedicated nursing staff, priority examination and care. Meanwhile, ordinary people are trying to get care by waiting in virtual queues for years, only to get it in ruined hospitals, among exhausted doctors, even though they are paying for their healthcare through social security.


They've spent 160 million on it so far.

VIP benefits are paid for by the state from public funds up to HUF 10 million per year. Should that not be enough, it would have to be solved by the already bled-out hospitals, naturally, to the detriment of the Hungarian people.