04/01/2019 00:17

Motto for 2019: Stop Orbán!

Motto for 2019: Stop Orbán!
There was something creepy about the official photo published by the state propaganda on which Viktor Orbán looks down on the cityscape of Pest from the balcony of his new office in the castle: hands in pocket, as usual, smug face, his bootlickers behind him. The great overlord looks over his estate. It will be a perfectly captured era-image for the bygone Fidesz regime, reflecting without words what these years were all about.

Those images that went viral on social media before the holidays were very telling about Hungary: on one you could see Orbán with his hands in his pockets looking down from his publicly-funded Buda office, and on the other, long and packed queues of the starving on the Pest side waiting for free food distribution. This is Fidesz’s Hungary: the top ten thousand flamboyant spenders and the bottom ten million they stole it all from. But the deprived ones shall not tolerate indefinitely. An as of yet never seen opposition, trade union and electoral cooperation was formed in the weeks before the
Christmas holidays, a common front, if you like, against a hands-in-pocket regime. It was exemplary as we stood up against the oligarchic oppressors, regardless of party status, showing them: we shall not put up with everything! The regime cannot rest, because we will start again in January. The 2019 motto is: STOP ORBÁN!

In the coming months, there will be two elections that will give us a chance and opportunity to break the further strengthening of the system. There will be two elections to show Orbán the red card. Perhaps he shall understand the soccer metaphor: he who does not adhere to the rules, who slips in with two feet and takes the ball in his hand, will be dismissed from the field of play sooner or later.

Time for the red card after the yellow cards: Stop Orbán! Opposition parties, movements, and civilian groups have a huge responsibility for cracking the regime in 2019. At the European Parliamentary elections of 26 May, we will have the chance and opportunity to push Fidesz into a minority. If in the EP election, the government is unable to obtain the majority of the mandate, the system will inevitably slip under its own weight. If everyone who is dissatisfied goes to vote in the EP elections for one of the parties who are in a position to win the mandate, the orange regime shall get a slap in the face. That is why I called the pro-European political forces’ representatives to negotiate a joint mobilization campaign, a common strategy for the EP campaign. While we will compete in May, our
goal is common. More flags, but one camp.

After the infamous 2014 speech of the Hungarian premier proclaiming the illiberal state in Tusványos, I promised that, as a European representative, I am going to warn the public about the crimes of the regime in an open letter every week. I am ringing the bells if warning for the 224th time because it seems it is still necessary. And because as a radical European democrat it is my duty to do so.

dr. István Ujhelyi
30 December, 2018