18/05/2019 02:54

MSZP-Dialogue: We Call Upon All MEPs to Account for Their Activities!

In recent weeks, it has become clear that neither Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, nor László Trócsányi, the top Fidesz EP candidate, nor the opinion-leaders of the government’s closest circles dare to participate in any public debate about the future of Europe. Unfortunately, nothing obliges politicians to take part in such debates; however, it is the duty of all MPs, including MEPs, to account for their activities towards voters.
Therefore, the MSZP-Dialogue alliance initiates that the current 21 Hungarian MEPs report on their work done in the interest of Hungary in the past five years at a joint public event. They could say no to the debate on the future of the European Community, but they can no longer do so with regard to accounting for their results in the past years. All Hungarians have the right to know what the Hungarian MEPs have done in their interest! We are therefore not inviting our fellow MEPs to debate, but we are calling upon them to fulfill their duty by calling them to a joint MEP report on Thursday, 23 May at 2 pm in the lobby of the Office of Representatives.
We, the MSZP and Dialogue members of the European Parliament, are ready to present our achievements over the past five years.
István Ujhelyi, MSZP MEP 
Benedek Jávor, Dialogue MEP

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02/09/2019 15:26