01/11/2020 21:51

MSZP: Collected Fines Must Be Spent on Testing Public Sector Employees!

MSZP: Collected Fines Must Be Spent on Testing Public Sector Employees!
Viktor Orbán said in his Friday interview that violators of anti-epidemic measures will face heavier fines and this money will flow into the exchequer.

According to MSZP, Fidesz cannot sit on the proceeds of the fines for even a minute, as this amount must be spent on testing employees that ensure the smooth operation of Hungary!

Nurses, teachers, social workers, kindergarten teachers, railway workers, doctors, fire fighters, state and municipal employees, that is, all public sector employees must be guaranteed the protection provided by testing, as the basic condition for effective protection is to know who is infected and who is not! Moreover, those working in the public sector are at increased risk as they have to interact with many people as a result of their work.

While the entire population is being tested in some neighbouring countries, in Hungary the government is still idle about the spread of the epidemic. It is still possible to hold events and sporting events where keeping people at a safe distance from each other cannot be solved. No wonder we get worrying news every day about the increase in the number of the infected and the dead.

We call on the government to start substantive work immediately, increase the number of testings, and use the proceeds of  fines collected for violations of protective rules to test public sector workers.

Zsolt Molnár, party director of MSZP, Member of Parliament