11/09/2019 17:08

MSZP Does Not support Trócsányi as Commissioner-designate on Ethical Grounds Either

MSZP Does Not support Trócsányi as Commissioner-designate on Ethical Grounds Either
Trócsányi, who serves the authoritarian system and dismantles the rule of law in Hungary, is still unacceptable to the Socialists as a commissioner-designate, said MSZP MP Attila Mesterházy on Wednesday morning in the program Start on channel ATV.
"To nominate a person to the European Commission who has always served the interests of the party, the prime minister's personal interest and dismantled the rule of law and the system of checks and balances in Hungary (…), is an insult to European values" Said Attila Mesterházy on the TV program presenting MSZP’s stance after a situation assessment meeting. This took place after Ursula von der Leyen introduced her Commissioners-designate, including the scandalous László Trócsányi, as Commissioner-designate for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy.
“I fully agree with István Ujhelyi that this committee cannot be supported in this form. (…) There was also a reason of principle why the President-elect of the Commission could not be voted for and there is a principal, political and professional basis as to why this Commission with Trócsányi in it should not be voted for,” he added.
The potential in the position of Commissioner-designate was evaluated by the opposition politician as follows: “It cannot really be turned into a success, because, in fact, there has been no enlargement in the last five-year term (…), yet this portfolio is interesting. There are many countries that want to join the European Union, in the Balkans and here, in our region, too, countries want to join that are close to Hungary. And, of course, Trócsányi, if he passes through Parliament, can be a lobbyist for these countries.”
In connection with the portfolio reorganisation, according to which the commissioner-designate for the rule of law is now Czech, so a candidate from Central and Eastern Europe, in place of Frans Timmermans, Attila Mesterházy said several factors could have led to this. “Timmermans is now receiving another, also very important portfolio and will remain one of the Commission's top men. He will be Commissioner for Green Affairs, and if you look at it, now the whole of Europe is dealing with climate change and global warming (…): there may have been positive consideration for Timmermans getting another area, because climate change is also an area where certain industrial barriers need to be broken down, and certain industrial and economic lobbies have to be dealt with . ”
Asked about the complex assessment of portfolios, including the importance of the role of Commissioner for Enlargement, Mesterházy said: “It will be a while to assess where, which country, and why exactly their Commissioner-designate has been appointed. (…) But it is quite clear that Trócsányi is unsuitable for this: I, too, consider it an insult that the government dared to nominate him. But we must not make the mistake of declaring straight away that this is a worthless portfolio. From the perspective of expanding our foreign policy’s scope for action, this could be a valuable portfolio for Hungary and the Hungarian Prime Minister, ”said Attila Mesterházy, MP of the Hungarian Socialist Party.