12/03/2019 19:05

MSZP Greets Manfred Weber in Orbanistan on Giant Billboard

In the early morning hours, Reuters' colleagues were looking in vain for the Soros-Juncker poster, hacked by MSZP with Weber's face, as the worried Fidesz leadership chose to remove all of them from Manfred Weber's path.
Today, at dawn, our activists and member of the MSZP presidency Dávid Bihal wanted to greet Manfred Weber with an extraordinary billboard on the occasion of his visit to Budapest. They wanted to show the European People's Party leader what Orbán’s democracy looks like: anybody can be posted on a billboard or end up listed as an enemy.
However, before the arrival of Weber, Fidesz removed the Soros-Juncker posters, of course, only between the airport and Orban's office.
It would seem that the prime minister is no longer so proud of his hate campaign that cost billions.