19/05/2019 09:33

MSZP Important for European Left-wing Party Group

This is a campaign, a European election that is about shaping our European future. That is why it is important for Frans Timmermans to come here because he represents the social Europe program that MSZP and Dialogue had already announced in February, said Tamás Harangozó MSZP MP on the program “Straightforward Talk” on ATV on Friday commenting on the Dutch top candidate for the European Socialist Party honoring the invitation of MSZP for the second time in Hungary at the Socialist Congress on Saturday.
The social Europe program would guarantee, among other things, a European minimum wage, a significantly higher minimum pension than that of Hungary and family allowances for all European citizens, including Hungarians. It would provide a common European healthcare minimum, which is perhaps an even more burning issue today, Harangozó said.
This election is about choosing what kind of Europe we want, and the majority in Hungary, even the majority of Fidesz voters, wants this. The MSZP program represents the future: chemically clean economic cooperation is not enough, more needs to be done; the European Union ought to care more about its own citizens and this is what the concept of a social Europe is about, for example, that instead of virtually private railroads money should be spent on more important social purposes," he explained.
With this campaign, Frans Timmerman has succeeded in achieving at least 50 percent chance of being the next leader of the EU, said Tamás Harangozó, adding that it is therefore important for them, the Hungarian socialists that the left-wing European party group’s Dutch top candidate honors MSZP's invitation with his presence in Hungary for the second time already.
Responding to whether MSZP would have more than 5000 polling station delegates in next Sunday's elections, Harangozó said the other parties had not yet been able to fill much out in the common chart, but the list of delegates may expand until 25 May, and he trusted that on 26 May there would be at least one opposition delegate at every Hungarian polling station.

No Wars Ever Again!

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