28/05/2019 15:23

MSZP Presidency Does Not Resign: They Focus on Municipal Elections

MSZP Presidency Does Not Resign: They Focus on Municipal Elections
The MSZP's presidency does not resign, but focuses on the turnaround that could be achieved at municipal elections, said president of the party Bertalan Tóth in light of the nearly final results of the EP election on Sunday.
He said that the opposition cooperation launched in December-January, which led to the agreement in several settlements for the local elections in autumn, "is also extremely hopeful in the light of the current election results:"it gives hope that the opposition can defeat the local Fidesz overlords and start the dismantling of the National Cooperation System.
"This is a responsibility that the presidency of the Hungarian Socialist Party takes on also in the light of the election results, which is why the Presidency unanimously decided not to resign; the presidency of the MSZP will strengthen and keep the Hungarian Socialist Party together until the local elections, and will strive to achieve a turnaround in as many municipalities as possible in the municipal elections.”
He said "there was no anger in them” toward any of the opposition parties," because now is not the time to argue with each other, to fight, but time is ripe for the results of what we started in December-January to happen in the autumn."
As a result of the EP election, MSZP may send a representative to the European Parliament; who it shall be the party's board will decide by Saturday. He himself resigns as the top candidate, he confirmed.
He termed the election results as a failure, but underlined that they would fight for a free, democratic Hungary and for the dismantling of the NCS.
He emphasized that the organizational strength, network, activists, unity and resources of MSZP are necessary for the success of the opposition in the municipal elections.
 “We are concentrating all our efforts to achieve a turn in the municipal elections, and this is still only possible in opposition cooperation. “This is the path we see, ” he said.
The party president thanked the more than 10,000 activists, 5,200 polling station delegates and the candidates of the MSZP-Dialogue alliance for their "amazing" campaign work, and also Vice President Komjáthi, who traveled the country with the social and eco-friendly Europe program in the campaign bus. Although other parties also represented this program, but MSZP will continue to stand by it.
Benedek Jávor, the candidate for Dialogue, who did not obtain a mandate, also thanked voters. He congratulated the opposition parties who achieved better-than-expected results and expressed hope that their representatives will continue the work he and his fellow MEPs had begun and in the European Parliament.