28/05/2019 15:27

MSZP President Calls upon Opposition to Join Forces

MSZP President Calls upon Opposition to Join Forces
President of MSZP Bertalan Tóth called upon the opposition to join forces at the autumn municipal elections. Although he responded to the Prime Minister's speech, extraordinarily, he addressed the opposition parties in Parliament on Monday.
"Please, remember December and January," he mentioned the joint opposition action that began at that time, and he asked for the hope given to millions of people to become a reality in the autumn.
He gave a long list of places where the opposition already managed to join forces: Budapest, Szeged, Miskolc, Pécs, Nyíregyháza, Szolnok, Veszprém, Tatabánya, Dunaújváros, Dunakeszi, Gödöllő, Budaörs, Gyöngyös, Göd, Ózd, Kazincbarcika, Dunaharaszti, Komló, Százhalombatta and many other places. "This opposition collaboration indeed gives a chance and hope for a change in the autumn" in the municipal elections.
He stated that the MSZP takes on all responsibility for this cooperation. He asked the other opposition parties to do the same and bear the responsibility.
He expressed his conviction that if it were possible to chase away the Fidesz oligarchs, the servants of the National Cooperation System and its procurators, "there could be a change in this country" so that people could wake up to a new country in October.
He drew attention to the fact that Fidesz had lost the EP elections in 220 settlements in the country, i.e. it remained in minority to the opposition. So they failed to repeat last year's election results and reach the 2/3 majority. "This is very important, because it gives a lot of people the chance and hope to turn their fate and the fate of their settlement this autumn."
He called another very important message of the EP election whether European far-right, populist politicians, "political criminals, of whom your ally, (...) the Austrian vice-chancellor has fallen; those who want to build a system from Russian money that you have built here from stolen EU and domestic sources,” can break out of the quarantine that European progressive forces locked them in. He claimed that they could not break out because the progressive forces, including the People's Party, representing the peace and the future of the continent had strengthened.