11/11/2019 10:22

MSZP's Position on Erdogan’s Visit

MSZP's Position on Erdogan’s Visit
MSZP's position is clear: our parliamentary group has presented two proposals for resolutions to the National Assembly. One seeks to suspend Turkish-Hungarian arms trade and the other condemns Turkey for its aggression against the Kurdish people.
We firmly reject Turkey's plan to create a so-called 'security zone' in North-East Syria. We find it unacceptable for Erdogan to use people fleeing war to his country as a weapon to extort the EU, while his operations in Syria have forced another 300,000 people to leave their homes in Syria. We express our sympathies and show solidarity with the Kurdish people who fear their freedom and the innocent victims.
Erdogan’s system is in no way acceptable to us.
However, the kindergarten visit of Erdogan's wife's and her charity work is not part of Turkish domestic / foreign policy, but a chapter in the long-standing twin-city relationship between the two settlements.