11/06/2019 20:30

MTA Scandal: Fidesz MPs Flee from Debate

MTA Scandal: Fidesz MPs Flee from Debate
The Cultural Committee of the National Assembly made an outrageous decision at its Wednesday session.
After President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences László Lovász reported on the state of scientific life and the institution, only the representative of the government was given the chance to express his point of view. However, there was no way for MPs to comment, or opposition statements to be made, because the Fidesz delegated chairman of the committee and most of the members postponed the debate, making it practically impossible to make substantive argumentations.
MSZP members of the committee called the stance of the government majority a cowardly retreat, and then individual representatives made a proposal to re-enact the agenda and hold a debate, which was supported by all opposition members, and voted against by the government representatives. With this decision, the government representatives renounced the opportunity to express their own opinions, neither did they argue for the plans of their own government, nor did they express their views on the detailed and precise presentation of the president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. This majority decision is humiliating for the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, its president and for the entire scientific life of Hungary.
MSZP considers the case outrageous and sees the majority decision of the committee as a cowardly fleeing from dealing with the subject.
MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party
Further information: Ágnes Kunhalmi, Vice Chair of the Cultural Committee and István Hiller, Member of the Cultural Committee