11/03/2019 10:21

New Alliance Needed!

The time has come to conclude a new alliance.

And a new alliance can only be made if we break up the old one. The time has come for Fidesz to put an end to the humiliating negotiations with the European People's Party. The people’s party is no longer Helmut Kohl's party.

The People’s Party as it is today cannot be distinguished from either the Socialists or the Liberals. They say the same things and in the same manner. They are ready for the European grand coalition.
The People's Party no longer protects the nation, Christianity, the traditional family model, or any European tradition that can be named. The People’s Party has now become a servant to sick liberalism. Whether for fear, money, conviction or the aggressive pressure coming from Western press: all the same.
Liberalism, which once was the philosophy and ideology of the bourgeoisie that wanted to create nation-states, is nothing but a privative suffix today. And not just as the term "popular" democracy at the time meant the lack and denial of democracy, but it goes much deeper than that. Liberalism has now declared war on all three key identities of man.
It has eradicated European, Western man's religious identity, it eradicates the national identity of the European, Western man, and it is about to eradicate the gender identity of the European Westerner. It is this that has to be faced and, above all, declared. For without these three identities, there is no Europe, no European culture, no European civilization.
The people’s party has by today denied Helmut Kohl's legacy and wants to implement George Soros’ lunacy about an "open society" instead, for whatever that means.
Today, Europe's first man is a puppet in a mental and moral crisis, supported by Soros. If not financially speaking, at least in an ideological sense. And by now, the leader of the People's Party, Joseph Daul and Manfred Weber have made it clear that they only support this line. Weber's ultimatum proved that there is no point to negotiating.
The leaders of Europe, the Brussels bureaucrats, decided at the latest after the 2008 crisis to create the United States of Europe. The main obstacle to this is the European national tradition, the existence of European nations. This obstacle must therefore be eliminated. How can nations be eliminated?
In a way that we create mixed societies. Beyond the demographic crisis and the labour market situation, this is the real reason behind the support of migration. This is the goal of Soros’ Open Society, and today, the people’s party in alliance with the Liberals and the Socialists subjects everything to this goal. And with this policy one must not negotiate. Fidesz cannot afford to be part of a liberal and socialist alliance mandatory in the people’s party today.
Just imagine if they tried to impose a conciliation with, say, Gyurcány on our political community. This example is not even extreme; Weber urged and welcomed such an election cooperation for Poland just yesterday. Fidesz cannot afford to give up all that it has been fighting for.
Viktor Orbán, who has fiercely fought for the true Europe, cannot now betray this Europe and the true European values for the sake of a self-denying people’s party, because of outrageous ultimatums coming from people’s party politicians who have turned their back on conservatism, Christianity, and Kohl’s heritage.
The People's Party has chosen the Socialists and the Liberals, it wishes to please them now. Fidesz is left with only one path to follow: the path of a new alliance. Viktor Orbán and Fidesz must leave the European People's Party and join forces with Matteo Salvini, the Austrian Freedom Party, and the Polish government party! This is in the interest of Europe and the Hungarians today.
There's nothing to wait for any longer, more precisely: it is forbidden to wait anymore! This way, and only in this way, can Fidesz lead the fight against immigration, protect the Europe of nations and Hungary within it. The Hungarian Prime Minister will have to lead this fight. This is the only conclusion from what he has represented so far.