31/10/2020 01:52

On the occasion of World Savings Day

On the occasion of World Savings Day
Today, the last working day of October, we celebrate World Savings Day. The purpose of this day is to draw attention to the importance of savings in today’s world.

However, the 30th of October rather draws attention to an important problem that many in Hungary struggle with: the lack of savings.

Only a third of the Hungarian population has savings, which was acknowledged by the President of the State Audit Office himself. Unfortunately, this ratio is not surprising, as the government is pursuing a policy that does not increase the ratio of savings but that of spending.

Fidesz always emphasizes how much it helps families by reducing overheads. However, this is no longer more than a campaign slogan, as it can be quantified that the government is profiting from energy prices. Namely, it gives 30-40 forint gas to households for 101 forints, from which it gains such a profit that, according to calculations, it could give gas to everyone for free for up to half a year.

As a result, roughly 10 per cent of the Hungarian population is unable, or able only at the cost of serious sacrifices to pay for a level of public utilities that is sufficient for a decent quality of life.

It is autumn, we have to start heating and about 400 thousand families cannot afford proper heating, but among those who can pay the high prices, there are plenty left to stay in cold flats, especially in wet, poorly insulated properties because these are much harder to heat. Unfortunately, most homes in Hungary are in a very rundown condition, which greatly increases the expenses of families.

MSZP and Dialogue therefore submitted a bill to Parliament that would allow the introduction of basic services and the reduction of residential energy prices in a fair way. There is a need for a fair, banded pricing system, as well as a system that is affordable up to the minimum necessary for subsistence, providing access to basic public services for everyone as an individual right, offering for example drinking water at a symbolic price.

Real help must be provided to reduce the heating costs of families and energy waste in homes. That is why we initiate the creation of a Home Renovation Fund, which will allow families to increase the energy efficiency of their homes without contribution or having to take a loan, through insulation, replacement of doors and windows and modernization of heating paid from EU and market sources.

We believe that these steps can increase the savings of families, so that in the future no one will be in an undignified position because they cannot pay the overhead.