14/05/2020 12:47

Orbán’s Petty Revenge to Further Increase Unemployment

Orbán’s Petty Revenge to Further Increase Unemployment
Viktor Orbán has still not recovered from his defeat in the municipal elections, and this is now threatening the livelihoods of families.

This is because the government is effectively bleeding out local governments in a false and lying way, referring to protection against the epidemic and the restart of the economy, forcing them to lay off workers in an increasing number of municipalities.
Their justification is false, as they take away from those who beyond their capacities perform the tasks that the government should do: distribute protective gear to all residents of their settlement, provide support to families, people who have lost their jobs, and pay benefits to healthcare workers. With the withdrawals of funding, however, they prevent assistance and even make things worse.
Their reasoning is false because they take money away from local governments while the government spends on propaganda from the hundreds of billions of forints in their budget reserve. For tens of billions, they are lying on propaganda billboards that they will protect jobs, but the reality is that they are only increasing unemployment. All this because of Orbán's petty revenge.
The most important thing for MSZP is the protection of the life and health of Hungarian people and the guarantee of their livelihood, and the local governments make a great contribution to this, which is why we are taking action against their destruction. There is a need to exert pressure on Fidesz, so MSZP turns directly to the people and has started collecting signatures online.
Regardless of party affiliation, we ask everyone who agrees with the proposals, which have also been agreed with trade unions and professional organizations, to support the petition by signing it.
MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party
More information: Imre Komjáthi, MSZP Vice-President