09/04/2019 23:01

Orbán's Party and Family Business Also Under EU Investigation

Orbán's Party and Family Business Also Under EU Investigation
Fidesz’ drifting out of Europe is most clearly shown by the fact that Viktor Orbán's party, slave law, and, according to press information, family businesses are simultaneously investigated by the EU. After this, the prime minister will only represent his personal and his family’s interests instead of those of the country, by which Hungary can only lose.
The prime minister's son-in-law once escaped being held responsible and the pay-off to Europe by Orbán Viktor making Hungarians pay instead of using EU support for works that caused many settlements to fall into darkness. As for domestic investigations, Péter Polt took care of those. Now, however, a new investigation has been launched, which may prove that the only task of the Polt led prosecutor's office is to cover up Fidesz crimes.
The reason MSZP wants Hungary to join the European Public Prosecutor's Office as soon as possible is to make sure no series of fraud like the Elios-case can remain without consequences. There is a need for an institution that is independent of any ruling government to ensure that subsidies go to decent Hungarian entrepreneurs and families. MSZP’s  “Homeland, Love, Europe!” program serves this purpose.
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