02/05/2020 15:52

Petition for Protecting People

Petition for Protecting People
MSZP has started collecting signatures for their online petition for protecting people.

The most important thing for MSZP is to protect the life and health of Hungarian people and to ensure the security livelihood. That is why we have put together a 5-point protection package, which Fidesz voted down

The demands of the "Petition for Protecting People" concern the handling of the health crisis, the security of employees' livelihoods, the social security of families, the protection of pensioners and support for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

We demand the launch of mass testing and a significant wage increase for healthcare workers!

We demand that the duration of the unemployment benefit be increased to 9 months and the amount to a minimum HUF 100,000 net!

We demand the doubling of the family allowance, and the allowances and benefits related to maternity!

We demand the retroactive payment of the 6.5% pension increase due for 2020, the catching up of low-amount pensions, and the payment of an immediate one-time benefit of HUF 20,000 to those receiving below-average pensions!

We demand that the state take over 80% of wages and their contributions from micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in order to keep jobs!

There is a need to put pressure on Fidesz to accept these proposals, therefore MSZP approached people directly and has started collecting signatures online.

You can join the petition on the following link:

Regardless of party affiliation, we ask everyone who agrees with the proposals approved by the trade unions and professional organizations to support the petition by signing it!