22/03/2020 18:31

Several MSZP Proposals to Be Implemented

Several MSZP Proposals to Be Implemented
Response of MSZP President Dr. Bertalan Tóth to the announcement of PM Viktor Orbán.
The security of the lives, health and livelihood of Hungarian people remains the most important consideration for the Hungarian Socialist Party.
Therefore, we can and will support all government measures that are designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and mitigate the effects of the economic and social crisis caused by the covid-19 epidemic.
We welcome the fact that today’s Government decision was to accept several proposals from MSZP, so we welcome the suspension of loan repayments and the partial suspension of contributions.
However, the measures taken are not sufficient, as they need to be extended to other sectors of the economy, and other groups in society, such as pensioners and social welfare recipients, must not be left without help, either.
We expect the government to protect the people who are losing their livelihoods in the crisis.
Therefore, MSZP continues to propose that the duration of unemployment benefit be increased to nine months, from the current three months, and that the net amount of the jobseeker's allowance should in each case reach HUF 100,000.
The Hungarian Socialist Party continues to urge the government to impose a layoff moratorium on the largest employer multinational corporations with huge profits.
MSZP continues to expect the government to involve trade unions and employers' interest groups in the preparation of decisions.
MSZP considers it necessary to raise pensions, pay pension premiums and reduce energy prices immediately in order to protect the elderly.

What Are We Waiting For?

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