05/12/2019 20:27

Submitting All-Opposition Resolution Proposal for Joining Istanbul Convention

Submitting All-Opposition Resolution Proposal for Joining Istanbul Convention
The Orbán government has once again brought shame on Hungary with the European Parliament having to call for the immediate entry into force of the Istanbul Convention on preventing violence against women and domestic violence.
Viktor Orbán used to say that the primary task of the state was to protect its citizens, yet it has turned its back on abused women and children for 5 years now. Therefore, the government must account to everyone who has been subjected to violence for not doing everything in its power to protect them.
We must act to put an end to the shameful situation caused by the Fidesz, and therefore, on the initiative of the MSZP but with all-opposition support, we are submitting a proposal for a resolution on the urgent accession to the Istanbul Convention.
Fidesz can no longer stand by and watch the death of one woman a week and one child a month as a result of violence. If Fidesz MPs really want to protect Hungarians and do something to end the violence, they must support our proposal.
The Fidesz spokesman, who became known as the "blind komondor," six years used his drunkenness as an excuse for falling over his dog in the dark and breaking his partner's cheekbone. Fidesz representatives better stop making excuses for their passivity in handling violence.
MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party
Further information: Zita Gurmai, deputy group leader