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Szanyi: Block Assets of Mészáros, Tiborcz and Other Shamelessly Prosperous People!

Szanyi: Block Assets of Mészáros, Tiborcz and Other Shamelessly Prosperous People!
Socialist MEP Tibor Szanyi will propose to the European Parliament that the assets of those who got shamelessly wealthy from state and European money, such as Lőrinc Mészáros or István Tiborcz in Hungary, be blocked.
"I will propose that those oligarchs who (…), with some sort of reference to the law but spectacularly and without any market background, simply got rich from public money, European money, their European financial assets, (...) including their bank accounts should be justifiably blocked or frozen. I will propose this to the European Parliament as MEP,” he announced at a press conference in Baja.
Big companies and entrepreneurs “have been growing shamelessly wealthy in this past period. Obviously (…) these gigantic assets do not come from the normal functioning of the economy,” said MSZP’s Vice President. As an example, he brought up the European assets of Russian oligarchs, dubious and offshore deals of "hundreds of businessmen" and those who operate at the expense of EU taxpayers.
As he said, there is an unreasonably fast growing of private wealth in Hungary, too, “moreover, in Hungary, on a discretionary basis: there are those the government allows to get rich and those who are not allowed to prosper. That is roughly how the business world breaks down.”
Lőrinc Mészáros and the son-in-law of the prime minister, István Tiborcz have gained "fantastic, fabulous fortunes", in fact, the latter is a young man in his thirties who is by now the 32nd richest Hungaian. “This is where it all crossed the red line for me," Szanyi admitted.
"These occurrences must also be stopped." 

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