11/09/2019 10:30

Ujhelyi: "I cannot support a Commission in which Trócsányi gets a seat!"

Ujhelyi: "I cannot support a Commission in which Trócsányi gets a seat!"
For the time being, it is unclear which portfolio will belong to László Trócsányi in the next European Commission. For now, it seems he will be offered a politically explicitly weightless portfolio; however, it is now official that he is the Hungarian candidate for EU Commissioner.
This may change, of course, due to the attitude of the European Parliament. Nevertheless, at this moment, to me it is a secondary question, which area the Hungarian commission member will be responsible for; it is a matter of principle that I do not support a European body in which the chief legal architect of the illiberal state can be appointed. It was Trócsányi who, in his capacity as Minister of Justice, enacted all the violations and illegitimacies that led to the launch of Article 7 proceedings against Hungary.
It was Trócsányi whose law firm shamefully represented the banks against Hungarian foreign currency loan victims. It was Trócsányi who assisted in making Hungary Putin’s Trojan Horse in the EU, and it was he who handed over Russian arms dealers arrested in Budapest with American help to the Russians.
For this reason, I declare that I will not vote in favour of setting up a European Commission in which László Trócsányi can get a position. The Fidesz-government would act responsibly if they nominated a person instead of him whose name is not identified with the establishment of the illiberal state and pledges to represent our common European values. On the verge of the adoption of the next seven-year budget, this could be a particularly significant and symbolic step that, beside me, others would support, as well.
István Ujhelyi