28/05/2019 20:07

Ujhelyi: "We have to learn from the mistakes and continue to fight!"

Ujhelyi: "We have to learn from the mistakes and continue to fight!"
"I don't know if I felt so bad at any time in politics," said MSZP's MEP István Ujhelyi last night in the program "Straightforward Talk" on channel ATV.
First, the Socialist politician pointed out that he was grateful to all the supporters and activists who contributed to the joint campaign of MSZP and Dialogue. In the interview, Ujhelyi added that the result had hit him very hard, especially that, as many independent analysts repeatedly remarked on the night of the election, he had really worked “like crazy” in the past period and “went the whole hog” during the campaign.
The MSZP MEP stressed that he would put self-critical analyses on the party's desk, because it will have to learn from the mistakes. During the conversation, regarding this, he said that one of the biggest mistakes of the campaign was that the MSZP “had no story.” According to Ujhelyi, the opposition electoral base fluctuates; it wants to find something new, wants to be over the National Cooperation System and therefore rewards parties that have their own story.
“At DK, Klára Dobrev was the story itself. We would have had our own, which we did actually build for a long time. Together with the Party of European Socialists, we have embarked on a program in which I still believe and trust that we can make it happen: the social Europe program. We knew that the DK program would progress toward the United States of Europe, while we built our lead thread on the left-wing Social Europe. That's why I said in a previous interview that it was a very clever, ingenious move from DK to put almost the exact same social promises in the center of their program as we did. But it's important to note that I am not pointing fingers here! We need to understand that the voter wants to see us as a likeable, nice, genuinely fighting party, ”the Socialist MEP said on ATV.
To the presenter's suggestion that the voters were visibly not interested in the slogan of the "joint opposition list," István Ujhelyi replied: "Opposition voters still to this date call on the parties today to join forces. And this, he added, will happen on a larger scale at the municipal elections than today.
“MSZP has a sense of responsibility. There are many places where our candidates for mayor and municipal councilors do stand a chance. Now you have to concentrate on making it through the municipal elections together with our allies. We need to learn from the mistakes and continue the struggle, ” Ujhelyi said. The MSZP politician then talked, among other things, about the statutory obligation of the caucus to make a decision on Saturday regarding the EP mandate of Bertalan Tóth, which he will not take on. In response to a question on this issue, Ujhelyi said he received massive amounts of support messages from non-party entities and party members alike on election night, in which they all encouraged him to continue the work he had statrted. “They asked me to continue with the same enthusiasm and passion with which I undertook to dismantle the NCs. I went the whole hog! I became one of the public and arch enemies of the NCS in recent months; it was no coincidence that they kept on killing me. They asked me to continue the work I started with this same energy.  In the next five years, I can be an MSZP MEP who can invest the energy and effort into my work that Hungary needs. If we want to build, if we want to find our own story, I can find my role in that. The caucus must decide, and as the face of the campaign, I also need to know that self-criticism helps a lot in the construction, ” said István Ujhelyi in ATV’s studio.
In connection with the future of MSZP, he emphasized that, as Ferenc Gyurcsány said in the same program before him, a particular community is sometimes up, sometimes down in politics. According to Ujhelyi, MSZP has the strength and determination to bring the community back from the deepest low.
"If we stick to our program and our mayors and local government representatives will be there at the autumn municipal elections, we can keep on building this house where a new homeland can move in," said the MSZP politician, adding that after half a year, he was finally going to have a “good sleep” but after that they shall continue the fight and the construction work.